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so...... [Jun. 5th, 2006|03:32 pm]
Lord Byron's Lovers


when I did my Byron presentation for lit at school I passed around an enlarged and better-quality version of this icon. I told everybody to write the first word or phrase they could think of upon seeing the picture. I got a lot of "Sexy", "Hot", some white kid wrote "Sugar Daddy" (I crossed out the 'r'), and some girl wrote "Hot Mamma Jamma" (whatever that means). somebody wrote "He gets laid more than Chuck Norris" (taken verbatim from my presentation) and one hot kid wrote "same nose as me" cuz they look kind of similar.

when you looked at my smexy Byron icon for the first time, what word or phrase immediately came to mind?

[User Picture]From: thea_lianna
2006-09-22 01:45 pm (UTC)

That blank expression...

The absence of sorrow. Is it worth the absence of joy?
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[User Picture]From: lilfaith
2007-02-21 02:01 am (UTC)
Golden God. Because I know someone who, for school, compared Byron and Jim Morrison I always relate him to sexy rock stars. As in the dude from Zep on the roof shouting he is a golden god.
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