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byronsharem's Journal

Lord Byron's Lovers
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It all started when I did a presentation for AP Lit on Lord Byron. I had always admired Lord Byron, ever since I first read "She Walks in Beauty". My admiration for Byron increased with everything I read about him. But it peaked when I Google Image-searched him.
Lord Byron is HOT.
Yeah, we're exactly 200 years apart (1788-1988), and he's been dead for a while now. But that doesn't mean I don't lust after him.
This is a community for all the other dorks out there who are head over heels for Lord Byron. This is for people who love his work, who are enthralled by his gift for language, and people who just plain love him. What's not to love? After all, he was an impossibly gifted writer who could create every imaginable feeling (including orgasms) through poetry, a rebel in his time, a revolutionary, smart beyond belief, full of sarcasm and dry humor along with all the emotion- and he got laid more than Chuck Norris.
So here's to those of us who wish we were alive 200 years ago to be included in the list of 200+ lovers in Lord Byron's lifetime (250 in one year by some counts). In honor of Lord Byron himself, this community, like him, is all-inclusive (the notches in his bedposts included womyn of all classes, siblings, boys, you name it). Do whatever you want in this community, as long as it's related to Lord Byron- and please, PLEASE don't join this community to spam us all with Byron-hate posts. But hey, if you want to write Lord Byron poetry, admiring rambles, or even fanfics, go for it.
Because, among other things, he is the LORD of SEXINESS.